Twas the Night associated with the Living Dead: Zombie Apocalypse Is a Good Bet

Twas the Night associated with the Living Dead: Zombie Apocalypse Is a Good Bet

Day might the Zombie Apocalypse arrive on Xmas? It is possible to bet on it! (Image:

Every year punters spot bets on whether or not they’ll get up up to a blanket that is snowy their streets on Christmas morning. It is the old romantic in each of us that dreams about this backdrop that is scenic a joyous day, surrounded by our liked ones and overeating with the Christmas trimmings, cannibalizing and distributing our infectious zombie disease. Wait. What?

Betting on Zombies

While many are wagering on a Christmas that is white bookmaking giant Ladbrokes is offering odds of 2000/1 on this yuletide being the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse. That is a good, festive thought to have, and beats the chances they offer for football team Crystal Palace winning the Premier League this year at 5000/1. Talk about harmful gambling.

‘we are quite confident that the odds of a Zombie Apocalypse at 2000/1 are correct, and although the public should exert caution over the Christmas period, they ought not to be unduly concerned about the undead rising up to attack and consume the living,’ announced Alex Donohue, a spokesman for the Ladbrokes bookmaker.

Chances for a white Christmas time currently stand at 5/1, which really is a much better chance than those offered on the doomsday coming of the undead, and you are more likely in order to claim your winnings after a bit of snow as oppose Continua a leggere

Ex-Con Delivered to Light as Wynn Everett Gets Gaming Commission Review

Ex-Con Delivered to Light as Wynn Everett Gets Gaming Commission Review

These Massachusetts Minutemen associated with Revolution didn’t face a tougher battle than Wynn’s Everett Casino seems to up against the Gaming Commission

Maybe they ought to create a television soap opera called ‘As Massachusetts’ Casinos Get Overturned’; the drama never generally seems to stop in this East Coast state that is struggling to implement legalized land gaming, and facing obstacles at every turn, it appears.

Was an Ex-Con Involved?

The latest episode has got the now infamously persnickety Massachusetts Gaming Commission with a Dec.16 suitability hearing on the dockets for the newest possible Wynn Everett resort, while…wait for it…a federal grand jury and two state agencies are now actually reportedly considering whether a Wynn land deal for similar project involved a covert felon who presumably had secret ownership in the previous Monsanto chemical plant web site being used for the casino project.

Term is the fact that a former jailbird who did time for both identity theft for their involvement in a brand new York ring as well as for assault by having a dangerous tool could be a ‘secret investor’ in Wynn Everett and could benefit financially if the project achieves Gaming Commission approval. We can simply hear the pillory stockades being lined up now. Said ex-con is A charles that is certain Lightbody.

In this never-ending dance to steer clear of the hot coals of the M Continua a leggere

Chinese care Banks to Just Say No to Bitcoins as Values Tumble

Chinese care Banks to Just Say No to Bitcoins as Values Tumble

As Chinese and Dutch authorities forbade their banks from accepting Bitcoins later final week, the cryptocurrency tumbled in value (Image: Information Week)

It’s nearly come to symbolize the war between planned society while the maverick movement away from it, but whatever your views on Bitcoins the world’s most popular cryptocurrency and much into the news of late the news was not good about them late final week. A stern warning from the central Chinese bank not to deal with the currency caused a tumble that, as of press time, had Bitcoins poised between $731 and $737 in US dollars after several weeks of skyrocketing value hikes that took the digital money from about $60 per Bitcoin last March to more than $1,200 in late November.

Meaningless Currency

The warning arrived following the bank noted that the cryptocurrency doesn’t have ‘real meaning’, lacks any backing that is legal shouldn’t be handled by the Asian country’s banking institutions at all. Also noted & most likely more at the root of the Chinese banking system’s disdain your money can buy were the recent high-profile connection between Bitcoins and money laundering and illegal products procurement, especially on web sites like Silk path, which was recently seized and shut down by the FBI, just to reopen a month later ‘under new management.’

Ahead of the publicly issued warning, Bitcoins were gaining in appeal with the Chinese as elsewhere where th Continua a leggere

Moscow Prohibited Gambling Dens are A rat that is real Race

Moscow Prohibited Gambling Dens are A rat that is real Race

Prohibited Russian casinos in Moscow are utilizing roosters and even rats for gambling purposes, police state.

It might probably not be a practice that many of us agree with, but most people are familiar utilizing the idea of cockfighting osters that are fighting each other in order to gamble on the outcome. You probably also remember dog fighting being in the news (especially when it involved football player Michael Vick). But rats being used for gambling purposes? That’s new to us.

Maybe Not Your Typical Sportsbook

Yet that’s exactly just what authorities in Moscow found when they conducted a raid on an illegal gambling venue in the town. Police announced that during a raid of the bookmaker on Novy Arbat Street conducted last month, they came across cages containing roosters, rats, as well as insects all of which they believed had been utilized for gambling within the venue.

Police didn’t say which establishment the strange collection of animals came from, though they did report also recovering more traditional equipment, including eight computers that contained information on illegal gambling tasks.

While there was no recognition of the venue targeted in the raid, speculation in the media has fallen on an entertainment complex called Korona. Earlier this year, The Moscow News ran a piece detailing those activities going on at Korona, which is situated on Novy Arbat.

Cockfighting with Balloons

In that rep Continua a leggere